Zuhair Murad - Fall Winter 2014 2015


75-76  / 200 screencaps of a thousand year old ex-vengeance demon

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According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.


“Watch it!!! You won’t regret it!!”

- I lie through my teeth. You will. When you’re crying on your bedroom floor rocking back and forth and clutching yourself you will regret ever watching anything I ever recommend to you

This is… all of this… it’s too much for me.

NEXT TIME ON DETECTIVE HALE: will he realise that the red liquid on the floor is blood, will he work out that the non-breathing person is dead and will Miss Tate ever stop being so easily impressed? TUNE IT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.



i do not measure my life in years or months, i measure it in fandom phases


homework to do: hella

homework i’ve done: negative hella