Évelyne Brochu by Maxyme G Delisle

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Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine by Christian Oita

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“Dan Goor & Mike Schur didn’t set out with an agenda when casting the show. They knew they wanted it to look like a Brooklyn precinct, but mostly they just wanted to cast actors they felt fit the roles best. Rosa was originally called Megan in the pilot, but Stephanie was the best girl for the character so they made the character Latina regardless of the fact that they had already casted me and made Amy latina. I’m so proud to be on such a diverse show, but I’m also proud that our producers just cast people they liked regardless of what they looked like. It is groundbreaking, but to our producers they just shrug their shoulders and say “These are the people we wanted.” And I get emotional every time I hear them say that.” — Melissa Fumero (x)

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"Because, really, why do we exist in between tv shows?"

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when u get online before ur friend and there’s big news in ur fandom


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"I definitely have gotten better at singing. With a bit of training I can pull it off, but I would not say singing will ever be my number one talent."

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